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Expecto Patronum

😜I tend to consider myself a creative person.

My Works

Kaya Corporation's Website

A informative site made on wordpress.

Shopify Demo Store

A full featured ecommerce store made on shopify.


A fun little bot that you can add to your discord server to make the server intresting.

Nepali Date

A simple date library that converts nepali date to english and vice versa.

Nepali Faker

Faker is a PHP library that generates fake nepali data for you.

H2O Athletics

Website made for H2O Athletics

My Blogs

Why Laravel in 2020?

It's been 2 years since I have started using it; and I must confess, Laravel is indeed an elegant framework.

How to create your first DISCORD BOT

Create your first discord bot using NodeJS

My Skills

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I enjoy meeting new people who have similar and wildly different passions.
I'm always open to a ☕️, a 🍺, and a good 💬

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