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Sticky Add to Cart Button – Dawn Theme

Tired of losing potential customers because they can’t find the elusive “Add to Cart” button on your Shopify store? We have the solution for you!

Introducing our game-changing “Sticky Add to Cart Button” – the must-have feature for every online store. With this sleek and convenient button, your customers can now add their favorite products to their carts with a single click, no matter how far they scroll.

Shop smarter, shop confidently! 🌐

✨ Why Choose Sticky Add to Cart Button?

Seamless Shopping Experience

Keep your customers in the shopping flow. The button stays with them, ready to capture their impulse to buy.

Increased Conversions

Eliminate the hassle of scrolling back up. Make it easy for customers to make quick purchasing decisions.

Customizable Design

Match the button seamlessly with your store’s theme. Choose colors and styles that resonate with your brand.


Optimized for mobile users, ensuring a smooth experience on every device.